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WATCH THIS: North Korea responds to 'fire and fury' (Proletarian TV, August 2017)
READ THIS: The October Revolution 100 years on: we did it once, we can do it again (Lalkar, September 2017)
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EVENT: BIRMINGHAM: Rally for the binmen: Sunday 17 September, 10.30am onwards

CPGB-ML comrades are giving their support to the strikers, who are on the front line of the struggle against austerity and unemployment in Britain today, standing together to defend jobs and pay against vicious Labour-led council cuts.  More info

Proletarian: August/September HOUSING SPECIAL online

Proletarian, issue 79 TOP STORIES

Grenfell Tower: tragedy or crime?

Labour council pushes ahead with housing segregation in Haringey

Editorial: The housing crisis

What did the October Revolution do for us? 2. Housing

Binmen on strike in Birmingham

The DUPing of the British government

Syria: liberation in sight

Saudi vs Qatar: thieves fall out

Hong Kong's return to China -- 20 years on

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CPGB-ML supports the binmen on strike in BirminghamLOCAL: The Birmingham Worker

As the binmen realise that the Labour council has sold them out once again, the bin strike in Birmingham is back on. The CPGB-ML is in full support of the binmen and their struggle to save jobs and resist cuts to their pay and conditions. Regular updates on the progress of the strike can be read on the Birmingham Worker website.    More info

Jacket slogan reads Council homes for people not profitLOCAL: The London Worker

As well as pushing ahead with plans for a massive sell-off of council housing, Haringey council has given developers the go-ahead to introduce segregation on new developments via the 'poor door'. CPGB-ML members will be opposing the disgrace of social cleansing in London on Saturday 23 September, 12.00pm at Tottenham Green.    More info

Class Analysis book coverPAMPHLET: Class Society in 21st Century Britain

Bourgeois academics, media pundits and figureheads of the counter-revolutionary ‘left’ continue to sow confusing and superficial ideas about class. This propaganda campaign has been so effective as to destroy not just class consciousness and solidarity amongst many workers in Britain, but also the very idea of class itself.

The truth, however, is that British society is as riven by class divide and conflict as it has ever been. This short pamphlet is essential reading for those who wish to understand how our society works today and how best we can work to change it.    More info

Proletarian TV: What is getting in the way of workers implementing solutions to their problems?
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