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WATCH THIS: The Grenfell massacre: burning and looting (Proletarian TV, June 2017)
READ THIS: Housing: a crisis of capitalism (Leaflet, June 2017)
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EVENT: WIGAN: Diggers' festival: Saturday 9 September, 9.30am onwards

CPGB-ML comrades will be joining this annual celebration of working-class history and culture. Join our banners and help spread the message that workers urgently need to organise themselves to change the system.    More details

Proletarian: August/September edition online

Proletarian, issue 79 TOP STORIES

Grenfell Tower: tragedy or crime?

Labour council pushes ahead with housing segregation in Haringey

Editorial: The housing crisis

What did the October Revolution do for us? 2. Housing

Binmen on strike in Birmingham

The DUPing of the British government

Syria: liberation in sight

Saudi vs Qatar: thieves fall out

Hong Kong's return to China -- 20 years on

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Drive to War book coverPAMPHLET: The Drive to War Against Russia and China

It cannot have failed to attract the notice of our readers that we are witnessing an increasing drive to war against both Russia and China by our own and other imperialist ruling classes. The first question we have to ask ourselves is: why?

Why do the US and British ruling classes seem so set on war with Russia and China, and what can the working class do to prevent such a cataclysm? This short pamphlet is essential reading for those who wish to understand what's going on and what kind of anti-war movement is needed if workers wish to act to prevent WW3.    More info

Proletarian TV: The working-class struggle is both local and global
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